How did we select your free string sample and what we concluded from your feedback!

Thank you for participating!

We are happy to see how many people have responded to our FREE STRING SAMPLE campaign. With thousands of inquiries, we learned a lot about our customers; what string characteristics they are looking for, their playing level, their favorite string, etc.

You may have wondered how we decided what type of string to mail you. Many factors go into selecting an appropriate string. In this process of sending strings samples and receiving feedback, we were able to validate certain aspects of choosing the best string set:

Spin Potential:

What stood out was how many players were looking for extra spin potential across all playing levels. If a player suggested “spin potential” as one of their most important string characteristics, we chose one of our co-polyester strings. Co-polyester strings are far superior in spin potential than any other string type. 

Working with our manufacturer, we were able to develop a string that fits that specific quality. Firewire and Firewire BOOST has been ranked for many years as one of the best strings in the spin department. If you were looking for extra spin and consider yourself a NTRP 3.0-5.0, there is a good chance you received a set of Firewire or Firewire BOOST.

Age Consideration:

Some older and very young players asked for string characteristics usually associated with polyester strings. Co-polyester strings are generally not recommended for those types of players, especially if one of the preferred string characteristics is “arm-friendliness” because those strings are stiff in nature.

We understood this problem and the need to develop a co-polyester string that offers all the basic advantages of polyester but at the same time can compete with the arm-friendliness of a synthetic gut/multi string. GHOST WIRE in 19 gauge (1.10mm)! or 18 gauge (1.17mm) are the strings that bridge this gap. Lab test results of Ghost Wire 19 gauge indicate a similar string stiffness to most synthetic gut/multi strings on the market.

A NOTE ABOUT “ARM-FRIENDLY” strings: We were surprised how often players looked for an arm-friendly string but played a string that was highly ranked on the string-stiffness chart (based on United States Racquet Stringers Association lab data). Babolat® RPM Blast is a good example.

Playing Level Consideration:

Playing level is a significant factor for a precise string recommendation. We did our best to consider ALL factors (suggested string characteristics, age, gender….) to make an appropriate decision. Sometimes we sent a thinner gauge since the player looked for more arm friendliness and/or power. Other times we decided to send a thicker gauge since the player was looking for more control and durability.

IMPORTANT: If you consider yourself a player with an NTRP 3.0-5.0, received a poly set, but the string did not break within the first 12-15 hours of playing time, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND to restring your racket! Any co-polyester string on the market will change its characteristics after about 8-15 hours of playing time and become MORE HARMFUL to the arm!

In addition, if the string did not break, you might want to consider playing the same string next time, one gauge down. So if you played the string at 17g, you could consider trying the string in 18g the next time.

What did we conclude?

After looking at all the data, especially in combination with the feedback that we received from our player’s string evaluation, we were able to conclude the following:

  1. Players who used to play synthetic gut/multi were surprised about how smoothly GHOST WIRE played.
  2. Players with a NTRP of 3.5-5.0 who usually play with Solinco® Hyper G or Babolat® RPM Blast reported that Firewire or Firewire BOOST was an exceptional string for them. Players with an NTRP 5.0-6.5 whose go-to string was Solinco® Hyper G or Babolat® RPM Blast thought they would consider buying Black Knight or Durafluxx in the future.
  3. Players looking for extra spin potential thought Firewire or Firewire BOOST had “awesome” or “great” access to spin.
  4. Tour Status is an excellent string recommendation for players at any level looking for a soft, well-balanced playing experience.
  5. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: 95% of players who tested their free string sample and gave us feedback said they would consider buying the string in the future!